Torna su


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What’s the use in wasting time
When we’ve finally found a home
Everybody’s feeling fine
What’s the use in wasting time
Cause I never listen to my own best advice,
Like one thing leads to another
Like one heart bleeds for another
And everybody wants what they can’t have
You told me your best advice
You said stop and let it die
You told me your best advice
Don’t you waste it all at once


In this ongoing series, photographer Takashi Kitajima blurs the details of Tokyo’s buildings and bridges into beautifully abstract landscapes. He creates each gorgeous composition by standing on observation decks of high-rise buildings or overpasses throughout the city.

Kristie Muller
Untitled, 2013

Michael DeLucia

Uzel Scotus

Nils Völker, Thirty Three, (2013).